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There’s a new Nail Technician in town!


Nicki Michelle from Co. Kildare moved to Ballybofey in July with her husband Finn from Ardara and is based in Ballybofey.

She trained as a nail technician 12 years ago and has done every course out there that involves nails, refresh courses regularly with NSI Swords keeping her up to date with new products and techniques. Doing nails is a passion, a hobby and not a job for Nicki.

Her favourite products to use are NSI, The Gel Bottle and The Manicure Company. Fully trained in gels, acrylic, gel polish and everything else that’s nails.

Nail art is something Nicki finds so therapeutic getting lost in the moment taking inspo from shoes to bathing suits to themes of concerts and festivals. 

She has huge plans and aspirations as a nail tech, but her plan isn’t something she will be spilling just yet!

She is ready to start with you coming to her or her going to you for now and will be doing children’s birthday parties, getting you ready for your Christmas parties even as a group together if that’s what you wish where she will polish nails and you can polish off the bottle of bubbly with your friends/colleagues.

Whether classic French, baby boomers (French ombré), a plain colour, some sparkle, small art or crazy art, she can do it!

Nicki is looking forward to building a new clientele up here and getting busy’! You can contact her through a PM on her facebook page and check out more photos of nails  Nicki Michelle Nails 


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