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Seville it was good to see you, but I won’t be rushing back!

I have just returned from a 4 day 3 night break from Seville last night along with a group of 58 people.

To be honest the big attraction for me was the flight departing from the City of Derry Airport. Just a 40 minute drive from Letterkenny it was very convenient, great to have it on our doorstep.

The trip was organised by Super Break flying out last Friday morning at 8.30pm with a chartered flight Enter Air. Wendy one of the representatives from Super Break flew in from Scotland the night before to Derry Airport to see us all off which was a nice touch. As a very nervous flier the flight was 3 hours and was very smooth with a great landing.

We were all met by Sharon Gamble the Super Break rep who showed (58) of us to our coach and onto the 4 star Hotel Silken Al-Andalus  situated outside the city just about a 20 minute drive from the airport. The hotel was lovely and very impressive except they didn’t show the rugby on Saturday!

We arrived Friday after 12.30 waited 2 hours for our rooms to be ready. The hotel was very nice, bedrooms clean,  just a pity about the weather, but suppose that can’t be helped.

We got a taxi later that evening into town costing just over €6 to see what the craic was in there. Then the heavens opened and when it rains in Spain it certainly rains in Spain. The shopping was just ok. If you are a shopper like me this wouldn’t be the city for you.

On Saturday morning it back into town again and the rain was torrential. We had complimentary passes for the city tour including a 48 hour hop on hop off bus, but the rain put an end to that.

I had packed a case of summer dresses and sandals which should have been coats, jumpers and boots. I had my swimsuit but that was no use either unless I had a swim down the street!! The umbrellas were even sold on the streets. Unfortunately you can’t control the weather no matter where you are.

On Sunday it was off to Jerez known worldwide for its sherry production and wine cellars, this was of no interest to me whatsoever but after an hour there hearing all about sherry, wine etc. it was time to get  back on the coach to Cadiz, this I was looking forward to. We were dropped off in Cadiz for a few hours and were told where the shops were located. Well would you believe it, all the shops were all closed and we had to try and pass the time for 3 hours until it was time to get back on the coach back to the hotel. Why anyone would leave a group of people in Cadiz with nothing to do is beyond me!

Monday morning arrived and I was so looking forward to getting home to be told before leaving the hotel that out flight was delayed for 5 hours……………I was ready to burst! We sat in the airport with the rest of the group from 11am until 5pm. Not an ideal way to spend the day sitting  but we had no choice. After 6. 30 we boarded the plane and I was never as glad to see CODA at 9pm.

Enough said, I won’t be back in Seville, tips for travelling…..if you don’t know Spanish learn some otherwise you’re on your own, I had to Google translate everything and show it so they could understand what egg and chips was!! (wasn’t a fan of the food)

If you are into historic visits, visiting the cathedral etc. etc. this is the place for you. Seville much better in the summer and not March!

The group were a lovely bunch, we had our own crack and John Gill from Derry who was also on the trip was a legend, he kept us all going……Home sweet Home!!

Sharon Gamble. Super Break representative who looked after us all.

The beautiful Silken al Andalus Hotel


John Gill who kept the fun going on the trip
Charlene Shongo from City of Derry Airport with Wendy, Super Break Rep and Brenda also from City of Derry Airport

Some of the group on the Seville 4 day trip in Cadiz
Charlene and Norman Shongo who were great company
The tour bus

Wendy from Super Break who saw us all off on Friday morning

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