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Quay West Alfresco Terrace at The Allingham Arms Hotel!

While out on a wee drive today, I decided to head South of the County, after many stops I ended up at Quay West Alfresco Terrace at the Allingham Arms Hotel in Bundoran.

The brand new and modern heated alfresco terrace opened on the 2nd of June serving food daily from 12-9pm.

This stylish and modern terrace caters for all your needs from lunchtime favourites to dinner delights. They have a wide range of premium cocktails, whiskeys, and gins so you can sit back and relax in this stunning outdoor setting.

This alfresco setting is suitable for Irish weather as it is sheltered and consists of heated lamps should the rain make an appearance. This stunning outdoor area has been designed with comfort in mind. Walk ins are welcome so why not join them for some quality food and cocktails.

The main woman Elizabeth McIntrye (McEniff)  was there with all hands on deck ensuring everything ran smoothly along with her team of staff. Her hubby Peter was there and always in great form, he is known all over for his great business flair and personality. Himself & Elizabeth along with their son Sean and daughter Aine, along with their staff  run a great show.

Aine McIntyre (daughter) and her partner Gavin Gallagher run the ‘Dip ‘n Sip’ serving your favourite coffees, cookies and icecream, they are parked in the carpark adjacent to the hotel. A great addition to the hotel serving all your favourite hot drinks and treats. Don’t forget to support local this year and take a trip to beautiful Bundoran.

Elizabeth & Peter McIntyre with myself earlier today.
Marion Molloy with Peter McIntyre of the Allingham Arms Hotel in Bundoran.
The main man and myself,
The new Quay West Alfresco Terrace at the Allingham Arms Hotel.
Plenty of cocktails on the menu.
The menu at Quay West Alfresco Terrace.
Elizabeth McIntyre (McEniff) centre with some of her team.
Gavin Gallagher with his partner Aine McEniff and her mum Elizabeth at dip’n sip serving all your favourite coffees, teas and treats.
I had the chicken and bacon salad today to starter size.

Quay West Alfresco outside dining, with heated lamps, plants etc.

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