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Noel is Donegal Person of the year 2020 and 2021!

For the first year in the history of the Donegal Person of the year,  Noel Cunningham will hold the title for two years due to Covid 19.

The Donegal Association in Dublin has announced  their Annual Gala Ball this year to honour the 2019 Donegal Person of the Year, Noel Cunningham will now take place next year on 27th February, 2021 in Dublin.

The Association won’t be seeking nominations for a 2020 Donegal Person of the Year. Noel will continue his work and represent the title for  two years. Given the unpredictable future for our county and indeed our country who better than Noel to carry that title and help promote our county and carry a message of positivity into the future.

Noel is aware that this year due to Covid 19 we are in such a precarious situation about people gathering to celebrate and do good work which is what he wants to do as Donegal Person of the Year. ‘Covid 19 has made that impossible.

‘It is wonderful to have an opportunity next year when we all put our shoulder to the wheel and get out there and promote every golden inch of Donegal. It couldn’t be a better time to hit the ground running. In all the sadness with no celebration, the great thing is we will do that next February and my role will be much more acute and urgent next year’. he said.

His hopes for the county will open with our arms outstretched to welcome back visitors, tourist and locals alike. ‘My hope will be that they will come in greater numbers because for the foreseeable time ahead we are going to be holidaying at home. I also know that the great people in Donegal will ensure that the welcomes will be better than ever. Lingering doubt will be gone and people from Northern Ireland and further afield will know that a heartfelt welcome lies in the hills. I also hope that businesses in other areas that are non-hospitality based will find new ways of conducting their businesses in the new reality that is post Covid. I hope to be at the forefront at any aspect of promoting our county in any area of business, community, charities and hospitality. As they too have been devastated in recent months.’

Noel concluded by saying that he is overwhelmed by the huge outpouring of congratulations and support since the announcement.  He hopes next February that we can have a celebration to really reaffirm the great work that is being done by the Donegal Association and the work which will be done post Covid 19.

The Association we will be in contact with anyone who has purchased tickets over the next few weeks. The Gala Ball will be worth the wait and we are really looking forward to next February in the company of the main man Noel.

Flying the flag for Donegal, the main man Noel.
Noel Cunningham, Donegal Person of the year 2020/2021 with members of the committee.



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