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My days in Isolation……………..From the Glam to the Farm!

It’s a tight hanlin for us all and something we have never experienced before and hope to never again.

As you know this is a huge change for me considering that my job is out covering Social events all over the County and beyond, unfortunately this has come to a halt. I am doing things now that I will never do again when this all ends!

So how do I pass the time…………….anyone following me on Instagram will know I have turned into a farmer’s wife temporarily. The excitement of getting out and going to farm to check the new lambs is a big change for me! I still put the make up on everyday, because it makes me feel normal!

The last evening I went to the farm,  out of habit as I was leaving the house, I even had the lippie on and the perfume,  The smell was far from Jo Malone perfume inside the lambing pen!! I fed them hay and water with nuts, a new career for me, I don’t think so!

I have cleaned the house from top to bottom, starting with all the curtains. I am a bit of a clean freak at the best of times but at this stage I am running out of things to wash and clean. The windows are cleaned every turnaround , the kitchen presses, the wardrobes, you name it, I cleaned it.

I tried my hand at baking but made more of a mess than anything. Even things as simple as rice crispy buns, I even managed to burn the chocolate. I made those queen cakes which turned out not too bad.

Luckily I have a man that does all the cooking every day, I can’t  be bothered but don’t mind doing the washing up.

This isolation would get to you, if you thought about it but we are all in the same boat and doing great staying at home. For one that loved to shop even to get the groceries, I send the other half to do that!

I also started going on a walk with my dog Maxx which is the most boring thing ever, but it does clear the head.

As for the hair, nails and waxing, omg when are these places going to open………..I manage my hair not too bad, but the nails are a different story.

Fair play to An Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, Dr Tony Holohan, Chief Medical Officer, Health Minister Simon Harris and Colm Henry, Chief Clinical Officer who are all doing an amazing job. Hopefully we will get an update this week from the above mentioned on how things are progressing.

I think we will be housebound until the end of April, I know it is very tough locking people in but it will be worth it hopefully.

I just said the other day to James I will run like….. When this is over, he said you ran like …… before it started!!

By the way I will nearly have to learn to walk in my heels again, after all it has been 13th March since I wore them.

Don’t forget we are all in this together. Well done to   Gardaí Siochana, Donegal for also doing a great job looking out and helping the elderly and not forgetting all the local media. Remember every day is a say closer to the end of this.

Last but not least all those on the front line who have been doing an exceptional job in their place of work………………take a bow…………..we are behind you all. #staysafe #covid19 #socialdistancing

Poor Maxx all set for another walk.
My wee queen cakes turned out not so bad!
These are suppose to marshmallow and strawberry skewers, but stuck to the plate!




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