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My Composite Bonding journey with Blue Poppy Dentistry & Orthodontics.

I decided to get composite bonding done on my teeth a few weeks ago with Blue Poppy Dentistry & Orthodontics (above McGinley Motors) in Letterkenny, and I am delighted with the result.

My first appointment 4 weeks ago was for a consultation with Dr. Hengjia Zhang. This consisted of a deep clean and an impression. There are two types of colour you can choose from, white and natural so I went for the natural to match the rest of my teeth.

My impression was sent off to the lab and two weeks later I went back for my second appointment to have 5 top teeth bonded. I also have 3 teeth at the top (bridge) which wasn’t suitable for bonding.

On my second visit I had the 5 teeth done in under 3 hours with Dr. Hengjia. This doesn’t require any injections, no pain just lie back, keep quiet and wait for the result which was unreal and made such a difference. I thought my teeth weren’t too bad but when I saw the CB result, I did need them done.

Composite Bonding is used on your teeth to improve their appearance, if your teeth have gaps, or are shorter than your other teeth, chipping or minor damage. It is used to reshape the teeth.

This involves using a composite resin, similar to composite filling material and is attached to the tooth’s natural surface to shape and restore it. CB does not involve removing or filing your natural tooth, and doesn’t damage them in any way. With veneers and crowns you have to remove part of your natural tooth. CB can be removed at any time and your own teeth underneath will be same as they were before.

The good news is no injection (anaesthetic) is needed. Its painless and no drilling.

I have been getting a lot of questions on my Instagram, so hopefully this helps.

How much does it cost? At your consultation Dr. Hengjia will determine the cost as each individual case differs. There are 3 different prices from 80 euro per tooth for standard cases, 100 per tooth for more complex cases or 150 per tooth for a different technique which involves sending your impressions to the lab to have a silicon mould made.

Does it work if you have gaps on your teeth? Yes, it does depending on the individual.

Can you get one or two teeth bonded and leave the rest? Yes, you can get as many or as little bonded.

How long does it last? With proper care they should last 7 to 10 years. You can always get parts added on if you find it is wearing down or chipped.

How long does it take? One visit, depending on how many you are getting bonded.

Do they stain/discolour easy? They can stain just like your natural teeth but don’t discolour, a visit to the hygienist will remove any staining.

How long does it take, how many appointments? It can be done in one appointment, but you need a consultation first, so 2 appointments.

Does your teeth have to be straight for the composite bonding? No, CB is often a method people opt for if they prefer not to get braces.

Can you use an electric toothbrush on them? Yes, just brush as you normally would.

The main woman who owns the practice is Dr. Siobhan Murray who first opened in Donegal Town 2010 and then expanded to Letterkenny. She has a great experienced and friendly team behind her covering all aspects of Dentistry and Orthodontics.

I have only experienced Dr. Hengjia who did my bonding and he is a gentleman making you feel at ease in very relaxing surroundings.

Blue Poppy Dental are based in Letterkenny next to McGinley Motors (upstairs) and in Donegal Town, 11 Mill Court Mews behind Simple Simon on the Diamond.

I hope this blog was informative enough. Any questions you can check out their website or phone Donegal Town 07497 40404 or Letterkenny 07491 20355

This blog is not a sponsored post, I decided to share my own experience as it may help others and you won’t regret it, your smile and confidence makes it all worthwhile. I just regret that I didn’t get it done sooner.

Alanna, dental nurse with myself and Dr. Hengjia who did my bonding in Blue Poppy Dentistry & Orthodontics.
One of the colourful themed treatment rooms.
Blue Poppy Dentistry & Orthodontics in Letterkenny (beside McGinley Motors)
Blue Poppy in Donegal Town.
Me after my composite bonding on the top teeth.
Before and after of my teeth.
Another before & after composite bonding.
A few of the Donegal Blue Poppy staff, Chelsea, Catherine, Susan and Jayne.
Some of the Letterkenny staff Dr.Siobhan Murray (proprietor) Leah, Tara, Letitia,, Chloe and Dentist Ahmed.
Another happy client after getting her bonding done today in Donegal Town.




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