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Lauren is the Brand Ambassador for So Sue Dripping Gold Tan!

Congratulations to former Miss Ireland Lauren McDonagh who has just been announced as Brand Ambassador for the popular So Sue me Dripping Gold Tan. Lauren is over the moon and told me;  ‘Suzanne Jackson was one of the first “bloggers” I had ever followed. I first started following Suzanne on Facebook (before Instagram was as big). I admired her as a fabulous business woman and loved following her day to day activities etc.  I really enjoyed seeing her on her road trips when she travelled around the country hosting fashion and beauty workshops before she ever created the SoSu brand.

I met Suzanne Jackson in Dublin at the Miss Ireland Finals the year I handed over my crown to Aoife O’Sullivan. Dripping Gold Tan was an official sponsor of Miss Ireland that year and Suzanne was on the judging panel. Last week I was contacted through Instagram by the SoSu by Suzanne Jackson and Dripping Gold Marketing team regarding a very exciting proposal.

I have been using the SoSu and Dripping Gold brand for years so I was so intrigued to know what the proposal might have been. I patiently waited for their response and excitedly sat by my phone all evening. I then got an email from the team asking if I would be interested in becoming a Brand Ambassador for their company to which I was delighted!

They follow me on my Instagram and said they would love to have me be part of their team as they believed I suited the brand and what it stood for! I obviously accepted their proposal and now work on creating some content surrounding the SoSu by Suzanne Jackson and Dripping Gold Tan.

I am very conscious when it comes to picking and choosing which brands I work with. I only promote something that I use and love myself! Obviously SoSu and Dripping Gold is one of those brands!

Although some times when companies send things out, I try it myself and if I don’t love it I don’t promote it.  I think it’s important on social media to show yourself using the brand if you’re going to promote it because I don’t want to be sending out a false message to my followers especially seeing as I’ve a variety of ages following me but most importantly, I don’t want my younger following to be misled” she concluded!

If anyone wishes to shop on the So Sue by Suzanne Jackson and Dripping Gold Tan, they can do so on the following link… and avail of a discount using LAURENMCD15


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