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Las Vegas Fever at Finn Valley College Prom!

It was Las Vegas theme in the Finn Suite, Jacksons Hotel for the Finn Valley College prom. The style was very glamorous and the lads went to great effort also.

The theme of the night was Las Vegas and the venue was creatively decked out in black, red and white to accompany the theme.

Guests were welcomed at the door with the large Las Vegas sign and the decor throughout perfectly captured the theme of the night. Decorations included floating playing cards, diamantes and candelabras. Tables were named after the famous hotels on the Las Vegas strip and a mouth-watering candy cart was available for all to enjoy.


The dedication and commitment of the students and teachers to making the night special was evident.

Well done to all the Prom Committee who worked along with their class teachers Ms Diver, Ms Ni Fhearraigh, Ms Treanor and Year Head Ms O’Regan to make this occasion very special for all to enjoy.

Principal Alan Thompson looked very dapper in his suit surrounded by all the lovely lady teachers!

Thanks to Clive Wasson, photographer who sponsored the Las Vegas themed tickets and to the staff of Jackson’s Hotel who came up trumps as always!



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