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Former Miss Ireland, Lauren McDonagh launches LMD Models!

Former Miss Ireland Lauren McDonagh, from Buncrana has just launched her new business LMD Models.

Earlier today, I had the pleasure of meeting Lauren, Founder of LMD Models, the first agency in Donegal focusing on Donegal, Derry and Sligo areas for now.

At just 20 years of age, she has her head firmly on her shoulders and is very excited about this new chapter in her life. She had a lot of experience behind her working for Perfect Bliss Weddings organising models for their Wedding Fair shows (which I have covered) Since announcing her new modelling agency, Lauren has been inundated with good wishes and congratulatory messages to which she is very grateful for.

If you have a fashion show, wedding fair etc. coming up, Lauren can provide the models to suit your event.

When Lauren just turned 18, she won the prestigious pageant, Miss Ireland and wore the crown with pride as it was something she dreamt of from the tender age of just 12. “I remember looking at a picture of a previous Miss Ireland on Facebook and turned to my mother and said that will be me some day mum”.
My first time meeting Lauren was when she won Miss Donegal, which led her to compete in Miss Ireland where she then went on to win and represent the Emerald Isle in China at Miss World in 2017.
Lauren has been modelling since and was previously signed with a Dublin based agency. “All my work was in Dublin and beyond, I was forever grateful for the opportunities but I realised that the lovely Donegal/Derry guys and girls were being left behind with no opportunities.”
LMD Models aims to provide those with desire the opportunity to carry out their purpose and pursue their dreams, with the help of the local companies and suppliers, there’s no reason why Donegal/Derry/Sligo can’t be known as having lots of opportunities too.

If you need any more information email or follow @lmdmodels on Instagram

Lauren with fellow judge photographer Barbara McGroary last July at the Miss Donegal heat.
Laura was a judge for the Miss Donegal last July.
Lauren with Anna Gallagher who went onto Miss Ireland.


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