Thursday, July 9, 2020
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    Donegal SPCA officially opened by Shaun Doherty!

    The opening of the Donegal SPCA Animal Rehabilitation Centre Arc (known as Donegal ARC) is an historic event for Co Donegal.

    Shaun Doherty who was looking great performed the official opening this evening on the first official animal welfare building of its kind to ever be built in Co Donegal. This is such a boost, on so many levels, to animal welfare.

    It’s a very big deal for the county and it will help many unfortunate animals move on to better lives.

    The facility is a state of the art, modern and impressive animal rehabilitation centre. The ARC is practical, flexible and safe, with a treatment room, small animal rooms, large animal rooms and an aquatic room with a pool for aquatic wildlife.

    There are indoor and outdoor stables and also indoor and outdoor kennels with beautiful green fields surrounding the building.

    The ARC is designed to deal with any animal, and all species are welcome there. There are many experts in animal care and rehabilitation within the ISPCA and throughout Co Donegal so there will never be a lack of support, professional care and advice available.

    Chairperson of Donegal SPCA, Kathleen Murray said: “This Centre will make a huge difference to the lives of animals in Co Donegal for decades to come. We are confident that the ISPCA will make a great success of the ARC. We welcome their professional and committed input to the County”. Donegal SPCA built this Centre with the future in mind.

    As Donegal has struggled financially since the recession and is still recovering, it was decided that the ISPCA, should take over and run the ARC as a lot of money will be needed every year to keep this brilliant asset going.

    We welcome their immense input to the project. ISPCA CEO Dr Andrew Kelly said: “The ISPCA is delighted to develop our relationship with affiliated member Donegal SPCA and we congratulate them and their committee members on building such a fantastic Centre which is a total credit to their hard work and dedication. The new Donegal ARC will be a real asset to the county enabling the ISPCA to help even more animals in need.

    ISPCA Inspector Kevin McGinley has already been doing great work across the county for many years now and having such a dedicated facility nearby to bring neglected, abused and cruelly treated animals will be of great benefit aiding their rehabilitation and then successful rehoming.

    We look forward to working with Donegal SPCA for many years to come and together tackling animal cruelty in the county making it a better and safer place for animals”. If anyone wishes to volunteer or help out in any way, there will be a book where you can leave your details at the ARC.

    This is an excellent facility and will do so much good for Donegal animals. Well done to Kathleen Murray, the committee and the volunteers.

    Sean Miguel, Kathleen Murray, Amy Leigh and Paul Murray.
    Directors Glyn Hughes, Frank McRory, Anne Larkin and her grandson Ben Larkin.
    Manageress of Donegal SPCA Denise McCausland.
    Ben Larkin, Siobhan McCausland, John Montgomery and Julie Cronin, Volunteers.

    Kerrie and Emily Chambers arrive for the official opening.
    Kathleen Murray welcomes Shaun Doherty who performed the official opening.
    Mary Duffy and Shaun Doherty looking well.
    Shaun and myself at the official opening earlier today.
    Dr. Andrew Kelly, Chief Executive Officer ISPCA, Special Guest Shaun Doherty, Kevin McGinley, Inspector and Aidan Corcoran.
    Glyn and Frank in good hands with Father Paddy Dunne!
    John McAteer cleaning his lens and getting ready for action with the special guest Shaun Doherty who performed the official opening.
    Shaun Doherty with my good neighbour Carmel Ponsonby who arrived with animal supplies and Anne Larkin.
    Dr. Andrew Kelly, Kathleen Murray, Mayor Ian McGarvey, myself and Shaun Doherty.
    Shaun Doherty during his speech before he performed the opening.
    Miss Donegal Sophie Devlin and family at the official opening.


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