Tuesday, May 26, 2020
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    Donegal Rose Niamh is flying the flag in Tralee!

    Donegal Rose of Tralee, Niamh Duggan is proudly representing Donegal, Tory Island and the Gaeltacht at this year’s Rose of Tralee International Festival. Niamh arrived in Tralee earlier this week and has the support of her family and all of Tory Island!

    Donegal Rose co-ordinator Elaine McInaw also made the journey to Tralee to led her support to Niamh.

    Last night the Celebration of the Roses took place in the Festival Dome in Tralee and each of the 57 Roses were interviewed on stage in front of all their families and friends from all over the world.

    Niamh is overwhelmed and delighted with all the support from everyone since her Rose journey began at the Donegal Rose Selection in the Central Hotel in Donegal Town earlier this year.

    Special thanks to all who has sponsored Niamh on her journey. Special thanks to the General Manager of the  Shandon Hotel & Spa Carolynne Harrison for sponsoring Niamh’s selection and for giving her the time off work! Thanks to Gareth from  R McCullagh Jewellers  for all the fabulous Tipperary Crystal Jewellery that Niamh will wear  for her Rose of Tralee journey.

    Last night Niamh wore a dress from Pure Boutique on stage at the Celebration of Roses. For the Live TV Shows Niamh’s dress was made by Kay C Designs and we look forward to seeing her Wild Atlantic Way theme dress.

    The Donegal Flag is flying high this year with great representation from all over Donegal with our Donegal Rose Niamh from Tory Island, one of the Escorts this year is the lovely Fergus Cassidy  who is looking very dapper thanks to McElhinney’s for sponsoring his Tuxes. The Roses representing Perth, Yorkshire and New Zealand all hail from Donegal which is very unusual.

    Wishing them all the very best of luck on their Rose Journey over the coming days. Tonight, they all attend the Rose Ball in the Dome and tomorrow 32 Roses out of 57 will be announced that will be interviewed live on RTE over Monday and Tuesday night. 

    Steve Cronly, Commercial Director Rose of Tralee with Elaine McInaw, Donegal Rose Centre Co-ordinator in Tralee last night.
    Niamh our Donegal Rose flying the flags with some of the escorts in the Dome last night.
    Donegal Rose, Niamh Doogan signs and autograph for one of her fans.
    Donegal Rose Niamh with her cousin.
    Proud mum with her daughter Niamh.
    Donegal Rose Niamh Doogan with her lovely sister in the Dome last night.
    Niamh with her family all the way from Tory Island.
    Good man Fergus Cassidy with his 4 Roses all from Donegal. Donegal Rose, Perth Rose, Yorkshire and New Zealand Roses.
    The four Roses all from Donegal representing Donegal, New Zealand, Perth and Yorkshire.
    Elaine McInaw who travelled to Tralee to support Niamh.

    Niamh with her proud Father in the Dome.


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