Saturday, August 15, 2020
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    Brenda launches her new Lash Line!

    Well known Ballybofey Hairdresser and Beautician Brenda Doherty has just launched her brand-new lash line adding another string to her bow of her many talents.

    After spending months choosing 5 perfect styles, she is delighted at the result. The lashes are cruelty free mink lashes.

    She wanted a wide variety of sizes and shapes so there would be something in the collection to suit everyone.

    The fullest lash is ‘Stephanie’ this is for girls who like full on glam and the smallest lash is ‘Allissa’ which suits someone who likes a softer more subtle look.

    Brenda said ‘I’ve invested so much time into these they feel like my babies! I’ve named them all after members of my own family so the whole collection is very person to me. Starting with ‘STEPHANIE’ Our fullest fluffiest last for full on glam with longer length to the outer corner’.

    ‘LUCY’  Full and fluffy with loads of attitude. Longer and fluffier at the centre.

    ‘SALLY’ Long and wispy, adds a bit of sass to any makeup look.

    ‘ALICE’ Full and wispy, one of our shorter lengths with a little kick at the outer corner and the ‘ALLISSA’ Ultra-light and wispy. Can be worn by all to add a little glamour your makeup look’ she concluded.

    The lashes come in their own rose gold and pink packaging and cost €10.

    Brenda, I thought you would have called a set after me!! No excuse ladies not to flutter those lashes!



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