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Best wishes Joe on your retirement!

Joe Terry has retired from Zeus factory after 16 years of dedicated service.  He joined Zeus as a Supervisor on the day it opened.

Joe said ‘I have worked with some great people over the years especially in Unifi and Zeus. Factory life is not for everyone but for me it was fantastic and I would recommend it to any young person who wants to make a good living and it is a great place to work.

Joe started out in life working in a carpet rug factory at just 16 years old after completing his Leaving Cert in 1977. He went to Kilcar to work nightshifts in a carpet yarn factory, and from there to a new factory in Ardara. In 1979 he started in Lirelle in Letterkenny which later became Unifi and worked as an Operator for 25 years, and then as a Supervisor. He was then made redundant in 2003 and then started up his Taxi Business.

It was then in June 2006 he joined Zeus and retired last month. He is enjoying his time so far, playing the odd game of golf and looking after his good wife Mary, or maybe it’s the other way about!


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